Erdoğan calls execution of Bangladeshi opposition leader a ‘historic mistake’

The Turkish prime minister has condemned the execution of an opposition leader in Bangladesh, calling it a mistake that “history will not forgive.” 
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Protest Against Political Execution of Muslim Leader in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Crisis Group ALERT!
Protest Against Political Execution of Muslim Leader in Bangladesh
Friday 13 December 2013
Outside Bangladesh High Commission
Called by Save Bangladesh and partners.
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Lords Avebury and Carlile letter to the UN OHCHR


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CAP Charity Dinner

CAP Dinner

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Islam Channel – Bangladesh in Crisis




Episode1: Bangladesh in crisis – the long march (Part 1)

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Long MArch

The Long March to Another Contested Bangladeshi Narrative

Early April saw yet another transformation in Bangladesh’s tumultuous pre-election year. Some 200,000 to 1 million protestors (depending on who you speak to) converged upon Dhaka’s Motijheel business district around the iconic Shapla (Water Lily) roundabout.

They arrived in the capital on Saturday 6 April, following what the organisers described as, a Long March from Bangladesh’s urban and rural centers. Organised by the Hefazot-e-Islam (Protection of Islam) group, the occasion—and the events since—pose a serious challenge to the ways in which Bangladesh’s middle class look at themselves, and the way Bangladesh accommodates religiosity and secularism in the public space.

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