Media coverage of the execution of Abdul Qader Mollah



UN last min appeal

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Erdoğan calls execution of Bangladeshi opposition leader a ‘historic mistake’

The Turkish prime minister has condemned the execution of an opposition leader in Bangladesh, calling it a mistake that “history will not forgive.” 
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AbdulQadir Mullah

Bangladesh hangs opposition leader

Abdul Quader Mollah execution is the first for crimes related to the country’s 1971 war of independence.

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24 Hours to Stop State Murder in Bangladesh

It is widely anticipated that the Bangladesh government will execute opposition politician Abdul Qader Mollah tomorrow. His trial, and the trials of others in the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal has been mired in controversy and corruption.

We have 24 hours to try and save his life.
SIgn the petition:
Contact your elected representative: 
Ask them NOW to contact the Foreign Office/State Department (or other ministry), pressuring the Bangladesh government not to carry out this miscarriage of justice.
Join the campaign:
Tweet the petition and raise awareness using hashtag #StopStateMurderBD
Like us on Facebook and keep in touch
More information on Facebook and
website (going live shortly)
From the Defence Lawyers
From the UN Special Rapporteur on summary executions
From Human Rights Watch

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Odhikar: Assembly of Hefazate Islam in Bangladesh and Human Rights Violations

In their latest investigative report, Odhikar explores the case of Hefazate Islam, an apolitical group drawing from Bangladesh’s religious seminary classes who have been involved in protests in recent months. Odhikar considers the roots of Hefazate’s discontent that led to their protest and the disproportionately brutal government crackdown upon the protesters.

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Lords Avebury and Carlile letter to the UN OHCHR


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Foreign Office Needs to Take Bangladesh Government to task

Press Release

7th May 2013

The Muslim Council of Britain observes emerging reports of mass shootings of religious protesters in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, in the early hours of Monday morning. It is alleged that police fired live rounds on to protestors with little provocation. With a government enforced media-blackout underway, the true extent of the atrocity is being suppressed. British Bangladeshis, second largest Muslim community in UK, have approached the Muslim Council to ensure the truth prevails.

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Bangladesh: End Unlawful Violence Against Protesters

As Unrest Escalates, Reign in Security Forces; Opposition Should Condemn Attacks on Police

With new protests planned in the coming days, the Bangladeshi government should ensure that the security forces immediately end their practice of using excessive force against protesters. The government should appoint an independent commission to investigate the deaths of dozens of protesters, including children, since large-scale street protests began in February, and prosecute anyone responsible for unlawful killings and use of force.

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Freedom March – 5th May 2013 – London


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Islam Channel – Bangladesh in Crisis




Episode1: Bangladesh in crisis – the long march (Part 1)

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